A senior member of the Academy of Apothecaries, Benjamin the Alchemist hails from the land of Tyler. Benjamin agrees to join Handwise on his quest, as the mineral he desires is located atop Mt. Bonnell, as is Dianna, his arch nemesis. Benjamin needs the mineral to complete a concoction that will finally destroy the Box of Tedbecca once and for all.

Benjamin was influential in recruiting Quack into the fellowship.

Musilnex Edit

He played a large role in the production of Musilnex until he stops because it has become too dangerous. This prompts Craig, who realizes that he can capitalize on the revenue, to step into the vacancy left by Benjamin and become the new provider of Musilnex in a partnership with Frank the Lesser.

Personal Life Edit

Benjamin was known at some point to have been involved with Natasha.

Further evidence points to a history on Mount Bonnell, but the details remain unclear.